Together We Can Make A Difference!

An incomprehensible 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste has - thus far - been produced by the human population of the world.  Of that, only nine percent has been recycled. The vast majority, 79%, has accumulated in landfill or the natural environment as litter.  This means that, at some point, much of it ends up in the oceans and inside the stomachs of fish; fish which are then caught and eaten by humans - who are to blame for the pollution in the first place!  Who knows what medical problems will manifest over a prolonged period!  The human race is creating a vicious cycle and, if nothing drastic is done - and soon - humans will eventually face their own extinction through their own doing.  It may already be too late!


We reap what we sow!

We have no-one to blame but ourselves.  Each and every one of us has a duty of care to our planet.  We all need to change our shopping habits.  If each and every one of us makes a conscious effort to reduce the amount of plastic we purchase, then cumulatively we can make a difference.

For these reasons I decided I had to do "my little bit" for the planet and swapped my existing commercial plastic shampoo, conditioner and soap dispensers with home-made shampoo bars.   No more nasty chemicals entering my body or the environment when washed out down the drain.  I had great results and my hair looked and felt so much more healthy.  I then wanted to share this product with the wider population and started selling them on Ebay and EtsyI've since developed this website to widen my customer base.  I hope to encourage as many people as possible to do their "little bit" too.  Please give them a go.  Your hair and the planet will be forever grateful.